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MA in European Studies

Call for applications: From 15 December 2023 to 15 March 2024.

The Joint Master’s Programme of the Arqus European University Alliance was established to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of Europe’s role in the world. It provides an assessment of the relationship between Europeanisation and globalization, the impact of global developments on Europe, and the changing role of the continent in the new world order. The jointly developed programme brings together the University of Granada, University of Graz, Leipzig University and Vilnius University, who award together a joint degree.

The research-oriented and interdisciplinary transnational Joint Master’s Programme analyses Europe’s past, current, and envisioned role in the world at large. Based on up-to-date research and in an interdisciplinary manner, the programme addresses the many topics belonging to this vast area of expertise. Combines different approaches to the subject, it introduces students to a multidisciplinary perspective, increasing their ability to analyse and understand new developments in Europe’s role as a global actor in an original and innovative way. This will result in the necessary competencies to adapt to a changing world and to face new challenges in creative ways.

Against the background of a growing number of global trends and factors to be considered and the increasing complexity of the ever-denser relationships between EU and non-EU members, the main aim of the Joint Master’s Programme “European Studies” is to train students in addressing the relationship between Europeanization and globalization in a multi- and interdisciplinary way and to consider Europe/Europeans as global actors. The research-based analysis will enable students to make independent contributions to the discussion and design of future-oriented political, economic, social, and cultural projects run by Europeans. For this purpose, the study programme brings together the expertise and knowledge of different European universities in a consortium.

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